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Koviack Irrigation will regularly post news here about the company and new advances in irrigation that are reaching the ag-market.

Now’s the Time to Order Needed Parts Replacement on Irrigation System

Gear Box

Winter is the time to start thinking about irrigating your fields if you’re farming in the northern clime. Sure, you won’t actually start irrigation to well past the winter season. Now’s the time, however, to review your Zimmatic irrigation system for needed repairs, parts replacement and upgrades.

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Growsmart Magnetic Flow Meter Takes Guesswork Out of Water Usage


The IM3000 Magnetic Flow Meter from Growsmart by Lindsay provides accurate measurement of water usage in irrigations systems while saving water, time, energy and money.

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New NFTrax Wheels by Lindsay Create a Big Stir around Koviak

NFTrax Wheels by Lindsay

Lindsay, the makers of Zimmatic center pivot irrigation systems, has come up with a new solution by coming up with an airless, and for that matter, tireless wheel. The new NFTrax wheel is a revolutionary design for mechanized irrigation that combines pneumatic properties with an open design and track concept. The result is highly improved traction, consistent operation and limited downtime. The staff here at Koviak finds the new wheel is a significant improvement over any other alternative on the market.

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Center Pivot Irrigation Conserves Water While Increasing Yield of Potato Crops

Center Pivot Irrigation

Johnson Agriprises has been a family owned potato farm for over 100 years. Seeing themselves as environmental stewards instead of potato growers, they believe that in order to continue feeding the world, they need to protect our resources. Nick Johnson, of Johnson Agriprises, said, “every move we make growing a crop is for the protection of not only that crop, but the protection of future crops.” That’s why Johnson trusts the Zimmatic by Lindsay Center Pivot Irrigation

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Corn Yield Enhancement

High Corn Yield

Help Your Corn Yield!!!

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Irrigation Equipment Auction

Koviack Irrigation Auction, Feb 2 1014

Irrigation Equipment auction to be held Monday, February 3rd, 5:30PM

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Irrigation Helps Global Food Processor Double Crop Peas and Sweet Corn

Zimmatic Irrigation

Lindsay pivots, laterals and hose reel irrigation systems are helping one of the world’s largest vegetable growers and processors increase yields, quality and profitability in the heart of Russia’s most productive agricultural region.

The large, modern Lindsay irrigation system is located on the Rogovskaya farm in the Krasnodar region of southern Russia, which is managed by one of the world’s largest food processors – the Bonduelle Group.

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