Precise Irrigation Control in a Rugged Housing

Zimmatic irrigation control panels are housed in a durable, waterproof metal cabinet mounted on one of the irrigation system’s tower. The panels come in three versions, Basic, Vision and Boss.


This system comes with LED indicators to guide you through start-up and provides instant status information. You can easily start, change direction and turn water supply on and off.

Zimmatic Irrigation Control Panel Basic


The advanced features of the Vision includes a display panel to see the field boundary for the  pivot and its proximity to boundaries and stop, status reports for irrigation management and easy to use function and navigation controls.

Zimmatic Irrigation Control Panel Vision


The Boss is the top-of-the line control panel for irrigation management that helps establish position accuracy and precise control of irrigation, chemigration and other accessories, including tailoring water delivery for specific crop requirements.
Zimmatic Irrigation Control Panel Boss

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