Sprinklers & Endguns

Koviack turns to a trio of vendors to offer you a range of endguns and sprinklers. Their wide range of high volume, durable endguns and versatile sprinklers help you complete irrigation of hard-to-reach corners and isolated fields.

Nelson Irrigation

Nelson Irrigation offers its Big Gun series, from the 75 Series for solid set irrigation, as a pivot end gun or for use on sports fields, to the high-end 200 Series with a top flow of 1200 gallons per minute for reclaimed water and other applications requiring maximum flow. 

Komet Irrigation

Komet’s big volume and versatile Twin endgun series are reliable with automatic adjustments for optimal performance. Its heavy-duty construction makes the Komet Twin series maintenance free.

Senniger Irrigation

Senninger features the Senninger i-Wob sprinkler that delivers uniformly sized droplets resistant to evaporation and wind distortion, providing a gentle application pattern over a large area.