Cadman Travellers

Cadman Travellers provide the ease of use and durability you need to feed water to your irrigation system. Available through Koviack Irrigation & Farm Services are the Cadman Travellers 1100 to 5000 series.

1100 and 1250 Mini Travellers

Cadman’s 1100 and 1250 Mini Irrigation Travellers merge the latest technology in a compact hard-hose traveller suitable for dust suppression or irrigation of a large lawn or isolated field. The Cadman 1100 series can be moved by hand or towed by a garden tractor to its needed location.

Cadman Traveller 1100 Series

2000 Series Travellers

The Cadman mechanical cam drive hose speed compensation system accurately adjusts the hose retrieve speed to compensate for the increase in the drum diameter as hose is rewound.

Cadman Travellers 2000 Series

3000 Series Travellers

The Cadman 3000 series travellers are compact, easy to handle and built for heavy duty use. Flows can range from 150 GPM on the 3000 and up to 375 GPM on the 3500. Because Cadman uses Honda engines to power its hard hose travelers, they can be used for both water and waste.

Cadman Traveller 3000 Series

4000 Series Travellers

The Cadman 4000 series travellers come in two different forms; single axle chassis and tandem axle chassis. The 3250 XL, 3750 S and 4000 SA are all single axle while the 3750 XL and 4000 S are only available with a tandem axle chassis. Flows can range from 250 GPM on the 3250 XL up to 550 GPM on the 4000 SA.

Cadman Traveller 4000 Series

5000 Series Travellers

The Cadman 5000 series travellers are the ultimate for range in length and flow. The 4000 XL hose has a 4 inch inside diameter and lengths from 1400 feet to 1850 feet. The 4500 has a 4.5 inch I.D. hose with a length of 1320 feet. Our flagship model, the 5000 uses a 5 inch I.D. by 1200' hose capable of flowing up to 900 GPM.

Cadman Traveller 5000 Series