Center Pivot Irrigation Conserves Water While Increasing Yield of Potato Crops

Center Pivot Irrigation

Johnson Agriprises has been a family owned potato farm for over 100 years. Seeing themselves as environmental stewards instead of potato growers, they believe that in order to continue feeding the world, they need to protect our resources. Nick Johnson, of Johnson Agriprises, said, “every move we make growing a crop is for the protection of not only that crop, but the protection of future crops.” That’s why Johnson trusts the Zimmatic by Lindsay Center Pivot Irrigation

By switching to the center pivot irrigation, Johnson Agriprises has been able to cut their water usage in half, while simultaneously yielding more crops. The center pivot allows the machine to walk around and is synchronized to move as one whole unit. “You have precise control over the amount of water applied. That translates to not only a good crop, but also less money spent because we’re not putting out any more water than we have to.

The center pivot irrigation not only conserves the amount of water used to produce a plentiful crop, it helps save on fuel, labor, time spent in the fields, and helps reduce the rate of wear and tear on machines. Older irrigation systems, such as flood irrigation, required its user to drive into the fields to operate the system. The center pivot can be controlled from any iPhone using FieldNET by simply selecting which tower needs to be moved. The updated technology in the center pivot has allowed John Agriprises to grow more, while using less.

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