Corner Pivots and Arms

To irrigate corners and parts of land previously unreachable by standard pivots, Koviack Irrigation & Farm Services offers Zimmatic’s FieldPLUS articulated pivot system and the 9500CC Custom Corner pivot system.

The FieldPLUS system configures quickly; is reliable and easy to use. You can place the FieldPLUS pivoting joints at any irrigation tower, allowing you to customize the system for a particular field. FieldPLUS allows you to irrigate around obstructions in a field or extend into an unreachable corner.  The system also automatically realigns the entire irrigation system to function as a standard pivot.

You can add Growsmart GPS Position system for precise control of irrigation and chemical spray, and increase reach in corners with end-gun control. Download the FieldPLUS Articulated Pivot Brochure below.

Download the Product Brochure

Zimmatic 9500CC Custom Corner System
For the most technologically advanced and dependable corner pivot irrigation system available, turn to the Zimmatic 9500CC Custom Corner System. The 9500CC’s SmartChip technology provides more uniform application throughout the field because, unlike other systems on the market, the 9500CC adapts to the unique, varied characteristics and corners of your field.

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