Sub Surface Drip Irrigation (SDI)

Subsurface drip irrigation applies water beneath the soil surface, directly to the root zone of the crop.  Some of the reasons to switch to SDI are:

  • Better water uniformity than overhead irrigation methods
  • Nutrient (fertilizer) delivery right at the root zone of the plant
  • Drier soil surface can reduce disease and weed pressures
  • Easily adapts to large, small, and odd shaped fields

Eurodrip, Classic 7/8", 8mil, 0.26GPH, 12" 5245' (29 rolls) 

Eurodrip, 7/8" 15Mil, 0.16GPH,24in,3600' (8 Rolls)

Eurodrip, 5/8, 18", .25GPH, 4, 700' (8 Rolls)

Eurodrip, Olympus dripline, Pressure compensating  (20 Rolls)